Ung Svensk Form in Tokyo

In 2018 the design award Ung Svensk Form (Young Swedish Design) turns 20 years. The celebrations started in March this year, and will continue at the first stop on the exhibition’s international tour: Tokyo – the dream city for many designers!

Marking 150 years of diplomatic relations, the festival DESIGNART TOKYO invites Sweden as its partner country for 2018. The festival will feature various products, artworks and design from across the Nordic nation in partnership with Visit Sweden, Svensk Form, the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Institute. In addition, as part of the design project “Swedish Design Moves Tokyo 2018”, selected works by up and coming designers will be exhibited at “Young Swedish Design 2018” to be held at World Kita-Aoyama Building.


Venue: World-Aoyama Building, Tokyo
Dates: 19-28 October 2018


DESIGNART TOKYO and Swedish Design Moves Tokyo present Ung Svensk Form 2018 at the World Aoyama building in collaboration with STRING® Japan.


Sara Lundkvist at Volvo Showroom
As a parallel to the main USF exhibition at World Aoyama, Sara Lundkvist will exhibit at Volvo Showroom. The exhibition at Volvo will show the work of a former prize-winner from the USF network, in relation to the celebration of Ung Svensk Form 20 years, in 2018. The work of Sara Lundkvist will be shown in collaboration with STRING® Japan and Volvo.

Both Ung Svensk Form 2018 and Sara Lundkvist’s exhibition, are organized under the umbrella Swedish Design Moves Tokyo 2018. Swedish Design Moves aims to promote and position Sweden as a design destination. The program is commissioned by the Swedish government and led by Visit Sweden in collaboration with Architects Sweden, ASFB – Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, TMF – the federation of Wood and Furniture, and Svensk Form – the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.

DESIGNART TOKYO is a design and art festival in Tokyo that debuted in 2017 and exhibited around 200 designers’ work as well as works from more established designers and world known brands at 72 unique venues in Tokyo. For the 2018 edition, the DESIGNART TOKYO will anew invite designers and venues to collaborate in showing art, design and craft to a large public, surpassing the boundaries between the different fields. The main theme for DESIGNART TOKYO 2018 is ’Emotions’. It will serve as a lead focus for the different industries from interior, art, fashion, design and food to gather, show, meet and exchange throughout the festival.

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