Salka Hallström, Chairwoman

How should we live in the future? How can we make design and architecture relevant to our new living conditions? What does it mean to be human in an era when the world as we know it must change radically.

The clock is ticking on our consumption society and the fateful issues of our time are placing new demands on young designers. They must navigate unknown terrain and create new strategies, as those premises previously taken for granted no longer apply.

Ung Svensk Form, where the jury select some 25 projects out of several hundred entries, can be seen as a time document. In the years as chairwoman of the jury, I have witnessed increasing emphasis on critical design. Design that questions old truths and shines the spotlight on processes, ideas and practice. This year’s competition offers all from dystopian to imaginative and humorous works – a report, if you will, of how our habitats of tomorrow will take shape.

Salka Hallström, Chairwoman of the Jury Ung Svensk Form

Photo: Patrick Miller