Olle Sahlqvist

B i o m i m i c r y   F u r n i t u r e   D e s i g n 

The piece of furniture is made of mycelium, which is the network underneath a mushroom, together with water, wood fibres, flour and time. It is a growable piece of furniture with a carbon dioxide­negative footprint. The mycelium chair is formed and inspired by the fungus, made of fungus, for our fungi.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

Soon we’ll all grow our furniture at home, chairs and tables rising like bread out of nooks and crannies. As a fungus lives in symbiosis with a tree, here wooden frames and mycelia are combined. In a slow process, they could become furniture that reconnects us to one of Earth’s oldest organisms.

Olle Sahlqvist was awarded the 2023  Swedish Wood travel scholarship.