USF 2017

Here are all of the contributions, nominees and scholars

In alphabetical order with the jury’s statement. For more information please visit Mynewsdesk or download the brochure.

– Tessa Geuze, Identity of Things

Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande scholars
– Caroline Hultqvist, Utan Titel
– Elias Högberg, A Border Between
– Peter Herrmann, identitet och förpackningskoncept till Rudinskis fruktbrännvin

– Sophie Hardy, Breaking Surface

Björn Bondesson – Sundet

”Speculative design is a growing genre, and this has to do with a less
promising scenario – the future as it could be if we have no visions.
Björn Bondesson’s skilled craftsmanship makes it a reality to which we can relate.”

Caroline Hultqvist – Utan Titel

Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande Scholar
”Here the designer is a modern-day Frankenstein who stitches together broken pieces into her own creation. There is a feeling of brutal caution in Caroline Hultqvist’s ceramic studies, of a tree in a snowy landscape and of an unfinished adventure. But if you know where you’re going, it’s no adventure.”

Elias Högberg – A Border Between

Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande Scholar
”Things are slow on the unisex front, but Elias Högberg’s proposal
gives us hope – a male dress that not only has a nice fit, but also expresses vulnerability.”

Emeli Höcks – Compostable Composite

”The experiment that shows us where we are right now, with the old
behind us and newness on the horizon. Material research is becoming an increasingly prominent part of design schools, a genre that puts focus on the process rather than on a finished result. Emeli Höcks’s entry is also based on an interesting idea, about processing our food compost into a new dinner set.”

Evelina Kollberg – Människofällan

”Dystopian aesthetics that arouse our emotions of mingled terror and
delight. Dare we apply that to furnished interiors? Is it meant to represent
our own social machine? Evelina Kollberg’s guerrilla knitted scaffolding
is both carcinogenic and delightful, as well as a portrait of architecture
that wants to pull us in.”

Hilda Nilsson – Digital Coiling: Machine and Material

”How thinly can a robot roll clay? Humans have done it for thousands
of years, the computer has done it for two. Hilda Nilsson’s entry is a form
of future archaeology, where we are charmed by both failure and quest.”

Johanna Nestor – Den samtida kakelugnen

”The monster tree that provokes debate about our heating systems. How
should it branch off? Johanna Nestor’s heavy metal sculpture is a spooky,
kitschy update of an old friend. We also see a possible market in the vision
of once again gathering round the fire.”
Porträttfotograf: Karin Jonsson

Jonatan Appelfeldt – Marbelous
”The postmodern approach, deconstruction, has returned and is being
investigated by a new generation. Here are references to antiquity and
a design that would have been impossible five years ago. Jonatan
Appelfeldt’s marbled shelf is an interesting synthesis of past and present.”

Julia Madås – Moiré
”Two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional, depending on perspective.
Different secrets are revealed with the shifting light as you move
around the cabinet. Julia Madås’s technique is original and innovative,
while exuding a lovely expression of lightness.”

Karin Bodin – The New Man and the Sea
”The role of the designer is to make visible and problematise our ingrained
ways of thinking. With her inverted fishing tools, Karin Bodin has developed a basic form and given it the opposite function, which provides
an element of comedy and questions our current relationship to the ocean.”

Karin Forslund – Balancing Process II
”The rugby ball that married a carbon tablet and exploded in glass. Is it
a modern interpretation of sour dough, or a baguette that blasts out of
a can? What is certain is that Karin Forslund’s objects have a design we
have never seen before.”

Katja Beckman – Yellow 3
”An incredible materiality reminiscent of a landscape painting. Katja
Beckman’s monochrome topography brings memories of generations
past, and shines the spotlight on a tradition that has long been buried.”

Lisa Wallert – Embodied
”A sculptural ribcage that immediately raises our inner avarice, that does
not beg forgiveness and whose emptiness is more frightening than the
dark. Lisa Wallert’s charred dystopia challenges old notions about design
and triggers our imagination.”
Porträttfotograf: Morgan Norman

Maja Michaelsdotter Eriksson – Fuck you all
”A picture that is also a self-portrait, as we humans like to see ourselves
as reflections of animals and nature. Maja Michaelsdotter’s Cheshire
cat is a creature of our time; an analogue LOL-cat with a double message.”

Martha Brauer – Mediating Objects
”Our tactile needs are slightly taboo, but our urge to touch nonetheless
remains within us our whole life. That is what attracts us to Martha
Brauer’s educational instruments – along with the fact that she addresses
basic research, which is just as important.”

Martin Molin – Marble Machine
”The analogue all-rounder Martin Molin has demonstrated a captivating
devotion in the construction of this music machine. His music
box formulates a modern desire to once again rein in technology, and
not the other way round.”

Peter Herrmann – Identitet och förpackningskoncept till Robert Rudinskis ungerska fruktbrännvin

Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande Scholar
”An unexpected material encounter of glass and crocheting. The
homemade expression naturally raises the value of the product and
entails an interesting way of reusing bottles. It has a commercial
approach that is liberating in all its clarity.”

Polat Ghasemloo – Den prekära konsthantverkaren del II
”Polat Ghasemloo has invented a process that gives rise to new worlds, inhabited by amazing animals. The technique is reminiscent of batik or marbling, but the music of coincidence that arises here is captivatingly different.”

Sophie Hardy – Breaking Surface
”Well executed design with lovely details reminiscent of origami. Sophie
Hardy’s table is also a trick on the eye: is it a tablecloth or a tabletop?
The idea is beautiful and almost requires a sequel. We are thinking stools
and other furniture.”

Tessa Geuze – Identity of Things

IKEA Scholar
”Who has not dreamt of popping corn with an iron, or ironing shirts
with patterns of fried eggs? Only now is it possible. Tessa Geuze paints
a stylish but tough future in which our household appliances are
multifunctional, like Swiss Army knives. If this designer gets her hands
on other things, then anything can happen.”