Klara Gardtman

M i k r o   M a k r o   M a s s a 

Fragments of trees, collected into assemblages that explore the ecocyle, scales, materialities and woven forms of wood fibre. About intuition and focus, from the allure of a single material source’s expression. I weave collages in paper string from photographs of wood cells under a microscope, in wood, envelopes, resin, tar, amber and charcoal. Combine these collages with insulation, found planks and paper pulp. Pictures of trees; on fabrics of trees; on extracts of trees.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

A sculptural exploration of wood in different degrees of processing. They are reminiscent of speakers, and in the fabrics is a kind of noise that leads the thoughts to parallels between the processing of matter and information. Sculptures with a lot of body that rock the room with their existence.

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