Klara Helin

P r i n t e d    K n i t s   S e r i e s

In a free and tactile process, I bring together knitted materials with textile dye. The dye runs, absorbs or is wrung into the materials. I photograph the results and make them into digital collages. I print the collages out as a raw­length fabric, in a quality that contrasts with the original knitted material.

The picture now has a different tactile feel, and that’s what I work with when I make the garments. The work touches on the conflict that arises when an intuitive process, a non­theoretic, emotional effort, meets a design space.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s : 

A free examination where analogue sketching is in dialogue with the digital medium. A well-crafted game with scale and proportions has resulted in a collection with strong silhouettes in finely tuned materials, with a strong textured feel. A detailed and exciting exploration of how to create a knitted feel from woven qualities.

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