Klara Knutsson

O r n a m e n t

Decorative elements have become rare in furniture design. The result is that the handicrafts associated with decoration have almost vanished. In the work on my table Ornament, I wanted to explore how I as a cabinet maker can use decorative elements. By adding a decorative veneer and metal intarsia to the classic IKEA table LACK, I want to illustrate the ability to alter the expression in a minimalistically designed piece of furniture with decorative craft.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

Ornament is the opposite of the familiar mass-produced table from which this piece of furniture takes its shape. While the original uses veneer to hide cheap materials, this time-consuming handicraft disguises itself as a cheap bestseller. An entertaining contribution to the discussion about the throwaway culture, and a reminder about craftsmanship that is at risk of disappearing.

Klara Knutsson was awarded the 2022 Svenskt Trä Travel Scholarship.

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