Here are all of the contributions, nominees and scholars

In alphabetical order with the jury’s statement. For more information please visit Mynewsdesk or download the
catalogue UNG SVENSK FORM 2016

– Love Hultén, R-KAID-R
– Maria Seipel, Approaching (the) Book as Matter

Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande scholars
– Jens Peterson Berger, Olov Ylinenpää, Ajna
– Naemi Gustavsson, Out Of Function
– Sarah Hurtigkarl, Dining Shore


Little black dress – Adisa Copra & Joel Andersson
Uncompromising and prestige free but rawly functional a sharpedged tool with an extra plus for the attractive
plywood sheaths.


Mistopia -Annika Lunneskog
A good knowledge of craftsmans – hip, materials and a volumefocused approach. In an impermeable, heavy material Annika Lunneskog has sought the opposite: the sculptural, lightweight and transparent.


Meat Animals – Cajsa Wessberg
Pedagogical teaching material in the good old-fashioned tradition of popular education. It works for both meat lovers and meat haters but with a deceptive amiability.


Gelifoam – Catrin Sundberg & Kristel Almquist
An imagination-inspiring material narrative from the surplus stocks of a bulk candy-eating nation. Gelifoam opens the door to possibilities and questions we have not faced before. For example, what should a wall taste like?


Neo-Animism: Discovering new species in the product design jungle – Christoffer Ohlander
A disobedient coffee maker that one can not help but love. It’s time again for the metaphorical – and for a renaissance for industrial design, where technology is otherwise hidden in plastic or stain-
less steel.


Castor – Daniel Svahn
A nod to Front’s Design by Animals concept but also to woodworking using burl wood, with culture as the observer rather than vice versa. Daniel Svahn’s bowls have an animal magnetism, which the beaver – the designer’s best friend – helped to create.


Carousel Stool – DarlieLau
Experimental high tech at the funfair – a child’s game for the user, with a sophisticated underlying thought pro- cess that paves the way for large-scale production.


It’s Now or Näver – Emma Dahlqvist
Digital technology encounters natural materials in an exciting experiment. In this case it is birch bark, the only veneer that regrows, transformed into nature’s own expanded metal. We look forward to a continuation of the project.


Anja – Jens Peterson Berger Olov Ylinenpää, *Stiftelsen för Garverinäringen scholar*
The Pettson & Findus generation lets itself loose on neo-funk and gives us a Downton Abbey cabinet with a post-party beaten-up look, technically sophisticated but with an unpretentious appearance. If the robot future is going to be this friendly we have nothing to worry about.


100 to 0 – Josefin Tingvall
How can a jumper age with dignity even if it was not made to do so? Josefin Tingvall shows the diversity in a limited availability of material. She provides a glimpse into a future beyond the eco- nomy of finite material by making visible the truly circular economy.


Multiple Style Tribe – Josephine Bergqvist
A narcissistic self-portrait by the selfie generation. Eat pizza, watch TV, knitted a skirt and a cuddly toy can also be included. This is a fashion that is not about handcrafting but instead about a
self-evident aesthetic world that demands visibility.


Stucc it – Julia Schollin
From the old stucco tradition of stylised natural motifs the search turns instead to the lowest shelf in the refrigerator. This cauliflower is a question mark, a forgotten decorating detail that pushes out from the corners of modernism’s white cube and creates a shift in perspective in daily life.


100 days of need and craving – Kristina Schultz Lindberg
A radical knowledge project that makes visible our relationship to objects and points to lived experience as a method, in which the necessities of daily life are set against aesthetics. The result is a kind of Cajsa Warg design: conscious in a new way and on another scale, small and nomadic.


R-KAID-R – Love Hultén, *IKEA-scholar*
Folk art painting, cabinets of curiosities and Jules Verne’s machines magical ga- ming boxes with several historical layers. They convince us of the grand comeback of the ornament.


Approaching (the) Book as Matter – Maria Seipel, *IKEA-scholar*
A new look at the art of bookbinding. The book is treated an object, causes disorder on the book shelf and also offers a tactile experience.


Out Of Function – Naemi Gustavsson, *Stiftelsen för Garverinäringen scholar*
Hunting garments with unexpected material combinations and associations to a chaotic modern life in which people both hunt and are hunted.


Cutting- edge – Rebecka Jansson
Textured wallpaper 2.0, with a trompe l’oeil effect that changes as we move around the room. Walls are usually regarded as limitations but here the opposite is true.


Fundamental Essential – Samuel Kuhfuss
Well implemented, with sculptural utility objects that provide a good account of their materials and make one think of Donald Judd and the Memphis group. The furniture functions excellently as solo pieces but also as a collection


Dining Shore – Sarah Hurtigkarl, *Stiftelsen för Garverinäringen scholar*
The art of making a grey stone into neo-surrealism – this is what Marcel Duchamp could have done with a spoon. We would love to eat Russian caviar or a kebab salad with this cutlery.


Filter Cabinet – Therése Hallberg
The cabinet that is equipped with a double nature and disobedient construc- tion design. A cabinet that charms with its subtleness in its leaning relationship to the room.