Here are the winners and scholars

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IKEA scholars
–  Anton Kollbe & Per Nadén

Stiftelsen för Garverinäringens Främjande scholar
– Matilda Norberg

Folkhem scholars
– Karin Matz & Helen Runting

Askul scholar
– Karin Andersson

Kvadrat scholars
– Rebecca Petrini & Joel Fjällström

Here are the 29 winners with their jury statements:

Matilda Norberg, Earth’s Crust – Material rules

“Architectural strength and elegant structure,
compact craftsmanship and transparent gravitation.
This is a truly portable sculpture, flat and
three-dimensional in equal parts, and skilfully
crafted down to the slightest detail. Artistic
egoism at its very best.”

Jennifer Bergkvist, Form & Formality
“An imaginative, strong concept that allows for individual
interpretations, while being a resistance act
in itself. Successfully unifying a sense for material
and crafts with a political message is unique – it is
aesthetic wrath that has been formulated and gives
us a new kind of reading experience.”

Kyung-Jin Cho, Swing jam

“A Zen Buddhist experience of ceramics and sound
waves that captures a sort of spiritual presence in
the now. This project is striking, it claims a large
space with its small size – an invisible design, as
its largeness cannot be seen.”

Anna Sjöberg & Malin Berglund, Cell – from one piece to a whole system

“Contemporary Lego that calls for creativity, deemed
by the jury to be modern and natural. It presents a
new, tempting idea of interior design that takes into
account the corners in a home.”

Isa Andersson, In/Visible Power

“Who is on the inside and who is outside, who is
excluded and who is included – and what is central
and what is peripheral? These absurd, almost
Dadaist sculptures speak in all simplicity of a highly
current topic: borders, their transparency and above
all, their vulnerability.”

Victor Alge, Alces Alces

“An interesting survey of materials that enhances
our awareness of precisely the material. There is
deception in the soft shape, as the surfaces are
actually hard. We also see new potential in a
material that could have been left to rot. Can this
be the beginning of the new airbag?”

Björn Friborg, Implosion
“A plastic form penetrated by a band of smoke and it
is incredibly interesting. There is something violently
poetic about this work, which resembles a frozen
moment or photo of a dream. Imagine an endless
array of variations on the topic, preferably including
a film of how it is done.”

Daniela Juvall, Östberga Type

“Typefaces are something we weren’t previously
allowed to joke about, but now we have a children’s
perspective that demystifies what has long been a
dead serious genre. The playful angularity is blasted
into the letters, as are the cultural identities, and
we get the feeling that this work by children was
actually conducted on their terms.”

The typeface Östberga Type was created together with Göran Söderberg and the kids Rola, Nima, Mohammed, Riccardo, Klara, Fabian, Masa, Bo, Amin and Ali.

Josefine Gennert Jakobsson, Mural Dressing
“PET bottle sediments subjected to static electricity
and gone ecstatic. The sheer freedom from restraint,
the maximised volumes and the lack of fear – of materials
and colours alike – especially lovable.”

Alecsander Rothschild, Love Letter
“Fashion that liberates – a dramatic creation that
longs for freedom, and that is also a story. It is about
the now, about a new fashion movement and the
ideas that the norm critical generation promotes in
increasingly self-confident forms.”

Sophie Hardy, Object of Value
“Chipboard Caesar stool in peasant style. ‘I, Claudius’
meets Selma Lagerlöf in Värmland – what was previously
a basket is now an imperial stool. We see a
new and materially frugal way of using chip-crafting
techniques that are highly relevant today and may
allow for the making of large volumes.”

Amanda Borgfors Mészàros, Global Nomad
“Classic with a circular twist. The eco-chic student
collection that has made impressions internationally,
while presenting an individual interpretation
of sustainable fashion philosophy, in a fusion of
grandma’s curtains and a cocktail dress that is as
unexpected as it is sensual.”

Kristin Larsson, Hybriderna
“Have door stops ever been more beautiful? This material
experiment has a completely new, exploratory
expression that makes us think of extraterrestrial
crystals – like props in a Star Trek film or Superman’s
magical kryptonite.”

Hemmo Honkonen, Möbler som låter

“Humour and playfulness that give furniture an
interactive dimension. The accordion feet are not
only an interesting extension of the function of
the rocking chair runners, they also encourage
movement and exploration.”

Alvina Jakobsson, KläOm
“A sculptural game with light and shadows, which
also challenges conventions. This is the tile as
the impossible object, tactile and unhygienic – an
object that refuses to meet the requirements of
the dust-free home. Perhaps a DIY kit for the future

Emma Brålander, Färg, illusion och komposition

“Scenic pop-Baroque that challenges the eye with its
optical play between the one-dimensional and the
three-dimensional. There is a keen sense of colour
and form, much like fashion design – an object that
sparks curiosity.”

Julia Westerberg, Gal Pals in Print

“Snapshots that express love and affection. Realism
of daily lesbian life in the form of textile tapestries
should hopefully be met with acceptance today, at
least here at home. However, we would like to see
these tapestries cause pandemonium a bit everywhere
in the world.”

Per Nadén & Anton Kolbe, Villa Idun-Lee

“The building that demonstrates how we must look
back in order to find the future. It is uplifting to see
that the architects’ sketches and ideas have been so
well implemented in proportion and scale, and that
so many spatial qualities have fit into such a relatively
small space. It is intricate and well thought through at
the same time. Villa Idun-Lee feels like a true love project
and gives new meaning to the word utility value.”

Martina Skyttberg, Över isen
“Modern digital printing meets embroidery and crafting
in several layers of pictorial qualities. We see
changing surfaces, dreamy nocturnal landscapes
that make us think of Gerhard Richter. It is also a
work that does what only textiles objects can do.
It cannot be photographed, it must be experienced
in its textile quality and with the changing light.”

Emelie Kasholm, Maybeday
“The design object that no one would wish for, but
that sheds light on a burning social problem. After
all, design is also about highlighting important
issues – and this project addresses the human
consequences of increased efficiency and job
cuts in labour and delivery care. It is impressively

Mariana Silva Varela, Gränslös folkdräkt

“A marriage of many different worlds of traditions
in one and the same garment. A presentation of
the folk costume’s true history, as opposed to the
nationalistic notions of the folk costume’s static
character – and that gives us an effective counterimage
to the prevailing political propaganda.”

Andrej Malinin, Det är inte som det ser ut

“An optically illusory aesthetic borrowed from the
digital world and tuned into an old-fashioned object.
It allows us to enter the illusion, walk on water and
feel the pattern under our feet. The undulating floor
that is both an acupressure mat and reflexology
– it bears the promise of a very unique architecture.”

Rebecca Petrini & Joel Fjällström, Mammut

“Is it a hot dog or a very uncomfortable armchair?
We see a sculptural and intriguing piece of furniture
where contrasts meet, confident in design – and
schoolmasterish. Mammut does give a soft impression,
but it requires a strict posture.”

Linnéa Olmarken, Under huden aka.The Pig

“A fine example of how a graduation project can shed
light on current and difficult social issues, while
emphasising the craft in the presentation. A new idea
is linked with contemporary architecture, with the
dismembered pig as an interesting starting point.”

Anna Pers Bräcke, Fett fett
“Illustrations with organic, tactile qualities – that
don’t beg for pardon. Instead, they help themselves
in a very relevant topic.”

Agga Anne Mette Stage, BodySoapName-Generator.com

“Is this what constitutes artificial unintelligence?
Everyday life and market economy tied together
into a tangible presence, onto the bare skin – a
soaped up singularity that stalks us all the way into
the shower. A striking sublimation of the capitalist
reality, with a hypnotic force of attraction.”

Benedetta Crippa, World of Desire

“Spiritual and original expansion of the subject
– and simultaneously a tribute to the diversity
within graphic design. Fine craftsmanship and
a visual study that goes beyond the norms.”

Ida Pettersson, Astral Grid

“A new interpretation of a lovely old tradition, finely
crafted where the inside is equally as interesting.
The colour palette is exciting and the fabrics eyeopening
– this is an object whose seams can afford
to be seen.”

Karin Matz & Helen Runting, Secretary

“Gloomy and grand contemporary architecture that
takes us back to the welfare state, straight into the
most collective of memories. This is the architecture
– the walls, the floors, the green linoleum – that
has defined generations of Swedes. The fact that
those rooms are no longer a fact of life sparks strong
emotions that must be discussed.”