G e n d e r f u c k e d   O r n a m e n t

Genderfucked Ornament is an interplay between feminine and masculine coded decor. Feminine coded aesthetics are often valued lower than masculine coded aesthetics. Can this be changed if we mix them together? I challenge my own preconceived notion of ornamentation and decor as feminine coded. What actually is masculine coded decor, and what associations, emotions and thoughts arise when masculine and feminine coded decor are allowed to work together in ornamentation?

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

An example of how many designers today deconstruct gender attributes, but also find new ‘queer’ combinations of ‘ugly’ and ‘refined’ materials, and add style ideals from different mainstream and sub-cultures. The large mirror is reminiscent of a grand rococo piece, while the decorative elements exude more hard rock and Nineties tribal tattoos. In the chandelier, a variety of contrasts are created that chafe: between classic design and building foam-like structure, between the crystal pendants and the hair extensions, between the lean links and the chunky chains.