Elsa Unnegård

V E D 

VED stool is part of a project where I’ve only used fallen wood from a sick oak, which has rotted from within and died as a result of the warm winters. The project is a celebration of the richness of nature, but also a reminder of the consequences of a consumer society. It can be seen as a testament to our times: fragments of a tree that tell a story – twists and ‘defects’ caused by the weather, the wind, external influences, parasites, climate change and a distortion of natural symbiosis.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

At first sight a sculpture on a plinth, followed by the surprise of realising this is actually a piece of furniture. A fragile, poetic work. A call to make use of what there is. Fallen wood from a sick oak is raised to something sculptural, beautiful. It’s upcycling, a comment on nature’s vulnerability, and also a work that shows the relation between object and room.

Elsa Unnegård was awarded the 2022 Svenskt Trä Travel Scholarship.

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