Hanna Hjalmarsson

G r a v e l

My project Gravel centres around me and my younger brother, and our different life choices related to class. In a way we both work with stones, but our lives are so different: he works as a machine operator in a rock quarry, and I work with clay and glaze in my artistic endeavours.

Through ceramic sculpture and video installation, I want to discuss our life choices and how differently they’re valued. I’ve asked myself how my class journey has affected me, and what happens to the people who choose to remain.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

Gravel highlights questions of class and life choices, about how different kinds of work are valued, and about how context has the ability to alter our view of materials and design. The shapes are reminiscent of industrial infrastructure, while there’s also a hand- made, organic scale and expression. They interact with a video from the place where the artist’s brother works, and from where material has been taken. A dialogue is thus created between the gravel quarry and the cultural salon. The work is also an example of a contemporary interest in the origin of the raw materials, and for their inherent, perhaps ‘dirty’ aesthetic.

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