Ingrid Segring Björklund

F i r e p l a c e

What remains when the fire, the heart of the home, has been replaced by the electric fireplace? Wood as a material is central in this study of the gap between history and contemporary cultural shifts. By uniting traditional crafts with digital methods, I wanted to create an object that prompts reflection about our distance to nature. A five­axis CNC milling machine translated my hand’s movements and carved a sculptured surface into a carefully carpentered pine construction. In the glowing hollow, hidden LED lights flicker.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

Using a five-axis CNC technique, the fireplace is reinterpreted and lifted out of its historical context. The fireplace as a digital altarpiece that touches our senses in its materiality and expression. Where its function as a source of light and heat is interpreted anew. Perhaps it’s more like poetry when the heat comes from within?

Ingrid Segring Björklund was awarded the 2022 Svenskt Trä Travel Scholarship.

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