Kajsa Bornedal

N a r r a c u b e

Narracube offers an invitation to talk about our world in a relational, flexible and non­linear way. The construction in paper consists of eight inter­ linked cubes with 48 sides that meet in different ways. It enables observations and depictions of complex connections and mutual dependencies, without beginning or end. With Narracube I want to show the narrative and didactic possibilities that exist in non­conventional book formats, and create more ways to talk about our world.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

An exploratory work that plays with and questions the singular perspective in the analogue book format. It is multimedial and multidimensional, which in a readily accessible manner presents an idea about how we can think in a non-linear way. Joyful interactivity in physical form liberates the inherent possibilities of the narrative process.

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