Kajsa Willumsen

D r e s s i n g [ r o o m ]

With this project I aimed to find a new way of dressing the body by looking at how a room is dressed. I have been focusing on elements of what defines the specific rooms which then have been decontextualised and experimented with on a body, as seeing the body as a spatial canvas. It has been of importance using readymade objects, to mix the things we know and can refer to, with an unexpected context in order to maximize its potential use and to question how we categorise things.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

A very strong collection with a high level of craft, rich details and skilful execution. A crispy examination with maximum potential. How do we dress a room or a body, and what’s what? What is fashion design, and what materials should we relate to? Here, the body serves as a kind of place for refurnishing. Everyday things from the home are transformed through an artistic process to an interesting questioning of how we actually categorise objects, bodies and rooms.

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