Matilda Hunyadi

O r n a m e n t a l   O b s e s s i o n s   –   G i n g e r b r e a d   g o e s   d i g i t a l

I plead guilty to Scandinavian design crime: I love ornamentation. Adorning your surroundings is a popular tradition and a human drive. For me ornamentation is joy, a way of showing objects respect and a tool for provoking emotions in the user

Under the heading Ornamental Obsessions, I let ideas of proud rustic cabinets meet inspiration from textile structures. Gingerbread goes digital thanks to modern production, enabling new sculptural ways to adorn a cabinet.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

cabinet with a smart, well-considered, resource- efficient design, where the digital meets the traditional with a cautious, slightly restrained gingerbread. A play on ornamentation that exudes complexity and contra- diction. The door to the future of rustic style stands ajar.

Matilda Hunyadi was awarded the 2022 IKEA working grant and Svensk Träs Travel Scholarship.

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