Vendela Wetterström

S o c i a l   M a t e r i a l

A large part of our daily communication features emojis and generic fonts. How does that influence our perception of the world, each other and ourselves? In this project I’ve used expressive typography and created a series of word pictures. I’ve used comments on selfies, originally published on social media, and have reworked their visual expression. They’ve been allowed to step out of the screen and take on new forms, where both the words and their various materials are trying to speak to the outside world.

J u d g e s ’   c o m m e n t s :

A strong concept which, through interesting materials and choice of media, depicts how the third self arises in a digital world. A critical exploration in both thought and form, linked to a love of the craft, jointly create a communicative and very relevant piece on technology and identity building.

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