Ung Svensk Form 2021

Spring 2020 did not turn out as any of us could have imagined. The Corona pandemic swept across the world and the design award Ung Svensk Form (Young Swedish Design) had to do some re-thinking. Applications to the design award Ung Svensk Form 2021 are now being accepted and we look forward to receiving creative entries from the entire field of design. You can consider Ung Svensk Form as a chance of an extra degree exhibition, or maybe a whole new platform for you. This year we offer more scholarships than ever in the award’s 22-year history!


In times like these, we see creativity flow. Schools, industries, the cultural world – all change. Surely, you as a designer and creator have also had to change, and it is your creativity that Ung Svensk Form 2021 wants to show to the world!

By applying to Ung Svensk Form 2021 – you will have the opportunity to obtain a work scholarship consisting of a salary and housing at IKEA. Ung Svensk Form is open to young designers working in Sweden and Swedish designers residing and working outside of Sweden.

All fields of design can apply: graphic design, product design, architecture, interior design, exhibition design, furniture, glass, ceramic, textile, fashion, web design etc.

Given the circumstances of spring 2020, we are very open to digital submissions, photos, films, sketches and concepts. Don’t miss this chance, just apply, and do it now!

For who?
Ung Svensk Form is an arena for young design in Sweden. Ung Svensk Form is a juried competition where the nominated entries will take part in a travel exhibition. To apply you need to be born in 1984 or later. All students can apply, regardless of age.