Ung Svensk Form 2019

Here are the winners and scholars of Ung Svensk Form 2019.

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Lobster – Martin Thübeck

Collective Collection – Mikaela Steby Stenfalk

Google Weaving Stop-time (X) – Emelie Röndahl

The 5th of February the Ung Svensk Form exhibition opened to the public at ArkDes in Stockholm. Welcome!

Afropicks – Simon Skinner
A comb we have lacked, which also addresses in-betweenness as a concept. This is the very essence of design: a functional object created out of a defined need but also a collective identity.

Bacteria in a new light – Jan Klingler
Timeless fossils that make the invisible world visible. An interdisciplinary entry that perceives new possibilities in biotech materials and draws its design language influences from the laboratory.

Berggrund – Emmeli Rolleberg
A machine from industrial history has been given recognition with first-rate results: an ancient form with changeable patterns. The marbling is a jury favourite: this entry suggests another, deeper way of approaching a beloved old art form.

Collective Collection – Mikaela Steby Stenfalk
We have not yet understood the magnitude of the millions of pictures of architecture being produced today. Here we learn something new and thought-provoking about public space, in a technique that can be used in more ways in future.

Common ground – Annelie Grimwade Olofsson & G. William Bell
About the power of sharing emotions, skills and ideas with each other. This trio has welded together their melodies into a beautiful symphony of wood and glass, in which each individual object is a gem in itself.

funYArd_ – Marie Isacsson
Gaming motifs meet patchwork in intricate interplay. A striking combination of handcraft and contemporary historical references, in which a splendid whole has also been won out of the fine parts.

Google Weaving Stop-time (X) – Emelie Röndahl
Two different communication methods, Google and handcraft, in deeply impressive union. Our era’s speed meets historical slowness and creates a worldwide collective tapestry in several ways.

Honest Impression – Mathilda Nordström Florentine
A solid investigation of a universal subject: honesty in branding and product presentation. The jury would particularly like to praise the contemporary relevance and the process-focused approach.

Hybrids – Stina Randestad
A new interpretation of a high-tech-inspired genre with roots in Antwerp and Leigh Bowery – and simultaneously an illustration of fashion’s dissolution. The jury particularly appreciates the awareness of fashion history and the fragility of the expression.

KENNETH IZE – Kenneth Ize & Axel Berner-Eyde
Sophisticated costume drama that won over the jury with its fine handcraft, the refreshing colours and the elegant combination of British jacket and folklore.

Flesh and blood – Maja Michaelsdotter Eriksson
The placenta in rejuvenated, spectacular form: a hybrid between a rug, bed and sofa. Now the body part we are all dependent on steps out onto the living room floor. An extremely skilled entry that both makes visible and includes.

Lobster – Martin Thübeck
The teaching methods change but the school furniture remains surprisingly much the same. Lobster offers a new concept in the genre: inviting in its form but superbly functional and well made.

Lost in Computation – Jonas Eltes
What will tomorrow’s bookshelf think of saying to the chair when they talk about being and existence? We glimpse a future in dissolution, where digital communication and technology converse with the world of products and design.

Obsession – Tonje Halvorsen
A modern take on an old craft in an indomitable trompe l’oeuil-like encounter with the many aspects of the safety pin. A sharp project that has demanded blood, sweat and certainly also tears. The achievement itself is impressive but so is the high degree of fashion.

Outside Material; The Transfiguration of Lines  – Robert Curran
What is this? We don’t know but here comes another! The jury guesses that this is the future. Fantastic objects that prompt discussion and whose appearance sparks the imagination.

Printomobil – Lisa Englund
In our inner vision we see Laura Ashley cycling in from the concrete suburbs on her metal snail, in an advance that tears down walls and turns old-time wallpaper patterns into modern street art. A liberating attack on the conventions in classic agitprop spirit.

The stars look the same everywhere – Saga Bergebo
An equally difficult and important topic has been given a warm manifestation. A story of vulnerability and collective trauma from a child’s perspective, with an engaging colour scheme and workmanship.

Swallowed by the Sound – Ludvig Bratt & Calum Mitchell
Global architecture in a new, highly topical sense. Architectural methods are once again used in the service of humankind, in an equally precise and telling portrait of the land mass’s mutability in the age of climate threat.

Does it show yet? – Nathalie Ruejas Jonson
The entry that creates space for autistic culture and touches on our era’s relationship to boundaries, with visual imagery that flows between the spoken and the unspoken. Skilfully told with a well-thought-out colour scale and strong artistic expression.

The Baby Bucha Project – Anna Ting Möller
The food table that must be cared for, fed and kept alive. Otherwise it will die. We see a window being opened onto a more reasonable future, where we can grow and harvest in a more sustainable way than today.

The Russian Soul – Anastasia Jansäter
Much of what is good: daring, playful, proportion distorting, wearable. An entry that disarms with its humour and simultaneously makes us ponder serious subjects like cultural identity and survival strategy.

Vessels – conditions for openness – Heinrich Ehnert
Sound shapes that make the ephemeral visible. But also a machine that works unobtrusively, marries poetry with pedagogy – and follows a good tradition of objects that expose the design process.

Waste Not, Want Not! – Kristina Lundsjö
A sensual session across the generational borders. The material has been handed down from mother to daughter and become a modern patchwork quilt – an abstract chronicle on textile piece goods, with architectonic qualities.

What Happens On Earth Stays On Earth – Petter Rhodiner
The column, bear, figurine, rosette – and now a double goose. What was unimaginable ten years ago has gained a self-evident place in today’s crafts. Out of the ruins of the old, the “new normal” grows forth, an historical condition by which everything can be renewed.

Why don’t you listen to the silence –  Daniel Gustafsson
Eight metres of obsession in a double narrative about boyhood dreams and solo adventures at sea. It is also a criticism of sustainability that has taken on fixed form, in an execution that is absolutely meditative.

This year’s jury:  Samir Alj Fält, Parasto Backman, Margarita Bergfeldt Matiz, Marcus Engman, Salka Hallström Bornold, Tom Hedqvist, Åsa Jungnelius, Henrik Johansson, Kenneth Kvarnström, Petra Lilja, Tor Lindstrand, David Polfeldt, Bea Szenfeld, Bolle Tham and Mats Widbom

Ung Svensk Form is organised by Svensk Form, ArkDes, IKEA and the City of Malmö.