Caroline B. Le Bongoat, City of Malmö

The future is here and now! This is evident not least in all the entries to this year’s annual Ung Svensk Form. An arena that gives creativity a free space to explore, to test and find one’s unique direction, and whose entries ask questions, are testimony to the time in which we live and shed light on the challenges faced by society and humanity.

One strategic aim of the City of Malmö is to create environments for the city’s multifaceted creative businesses to grow and thrive sustainably. To establish meeting places, arenas and incubators, space for new ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship within game design, digital media, film, moving picture, urban development, architecture, design, etc, as well as to provide good conditions for talent and creativity to grow, interact with others and be given the opportunity to develop solutions.

In Malmö, we know that architecture and design are effective tools to create a sustainable society. However, to get there, we need to cooperate and collaborate, both locally and nationally, to open doors and let more people participate. In our partnership with Ung Svensk Form, sustainability and creative capital are a key factor. Together, we strive to encourage and increase awareness of business and entrepreneurship for young design creatives, highlight local manufacturing and production, and at the same time demonstrate the power of design to make positive change. Because it is here and now that we need to begin to make a difference!

Caroline B. Le Bongoat
Business Developer & Business Manager, Design Malmö
City of Malmö, Business Development Office