Arvet are community builders, visionaries and spreaders of knowledge. Primarily in Sweden, but internationally as well, we are missionaries, debaters and influencers in the development of wooden buildings. Our projects include Sweden’s tallest high-rise completely in wood, the Strandparken in Sundbyberg. Arvet have a long tradition as project developers in the Stockholm region, and have taken part in, managed and executed beautiful housing projects since the company was founded in 1968.

Historically named Folkhem, we have now changed name to Arvet.Our name Arvet – Swedish for Legacy – is no coincidence. Wood and wooden buildings are a brilliant and sustainable way of building cities using nature’s own resources. There is no better way to uphold the legacy of Earth. It can almost be called a coincidence. When we built Sweden’s (and one of the world’s) first high-rise completely in wood – eight storeys high – we knew it would have many advantages. Compared to concrete and steel, building in wood is both faster and more environmentally friendly. The fact that wooden buildings could prove to be the world’s most efficient climate choice was nothing we knew at the time. By planting forests, we can plant buildings. Even entire cities can grow from something as natural as tree plants. It is amazing. And far too unknown.

That is why we have stopped building. Instead we are spending all our time sharing our knowledge of how growing wooden buildings is synonymous with Operation Save Planet Earth. Or in other words: managing the process that begins in the forest and ends in a building. It makes all the difference. We are from Sweden. Our country has a long tradition of cultivating and harvesting forests. Yet it is only now that we are seeing, time and time again, that the forest may well be the most efficient sustainable development there is. There are immediate effects, which are immediately understandable, such as the fact that forests store carbon dioxide. However, some things are less clear, unless we take a closer look. These often have to do with chain effects in many different stages. For example, by ceasing construction in concrete and instead building in wood, we would reduce the pressure on our oceans. The concrete industry consumes enormous amounts of sand, which is often taken from the ocean floors. The same industry also pollutes the water through huge emissions caused by concrete production. Wood and wooden buildings are sustainable development.

Arvet award a work scholarship of SEK 50,000 within architecture and the study of wood construction.

Sandra Frank Co-founder, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Global movement, Arvet


In the encounter between young creativity and old traditional industry, challenging and developing ideas and thoughts always emerge. It is the industry’s firm conviction that leather, skins, sheepskins and reindeer pelts are products for the future, and that new, yet not tested applications and segments will be developed along with young creative power. Through our meetings with young designers via Ung Svensk Form, Swedish tanners will have opportunities for development and renewal of a natural material that communicates sustainability and which human beings have refined, used and appreciated since ancient times.

The Swedish Leather & Fur Industry Foundation invites all the designers in Ung Svensk Form 2020, as well as a number of new members who have applied to Ung Svensk Form on a study and work- shop trip to a tannery in Sweden. During the trip, you can apply for two work grants in 3–5 days at 20,000 SEK each.

The Swedish Leather & Fur Industry Association & the Swedish Leather & Fur Industry Foundation

Kvadrat see Ung Svensk Form as something that sheds light on the stars of tomorrow and enable them to grow, not only at a local level, but also internationally. We know that our market in Sweden is interesting from many perspectives. For young designers, the chance to participate in Ung Svensk Form opens doors that few other forums can offer.

From our perspective, we see it as our duty and responsibility to contribute to the evolution that this opportunity brings, for it is the young emerging designers who will help take our industry forward now and in the future.

Kvadrat are awarding a scholarship consisting of material, a cash sum and the chance to exhibit in Kvadrat’s showroom in Stockholm.

Kristoffer Magnusson 
Country Director, Kvadrat

At Lammhults, we consider it an honor and a matter of course to support Young Swedish Design. Lammhults was founded in 1945, in an era permeated by a thirst for development and innovation. When designers Lindau and Lindekrantz joined forces with us in the mid-1960s, we formulated our strategy to ensure that strong, carefully considered design characterizes our entire operation – from furniture to graphic materials and exhibitions.

We have a tradition of developing modern furniture for an international audience with high demands on quality and design. That is why we collaborate with some of the leading furniture designers of our time. Supporting forums that promote dialogue and exchange between young designers and their future industry is deeply important to us. Through new capabilities, we want to push Sweden’s design tradition further and ensure the long-term future of the domestic furniture industry.

Let your creativity flow, and give us furniture and other products that are sustainable for the eyes, the economy, the environment and for our shared future. Wishing you the best of luck, from Lammhults!

Lammhults Möbel are awarding a scholarship consisting of material, a cash sum and the chance to exhibit in Lammhult’s  showroom in Stockholm.

Peter Jiseborn,
CEO Lammhults Möbel